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Coping With Stress: 7 Tips for Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

1.  Balance work and life.  Remember to take time out for things you love.
2.  Exercise regularly
3.  Eat well and limit alcohol and stimulants
4.  Get enough rest/sleep
5.  Engage in a hobby
6.  Connect with supportive people and set healthy boundaries
7.  Bond with a pet

Trauma and Addiction

Trauma and addiction can happen to anyone.   It is important to understand that, after having experienced a trauma, the feelings you're having are normal.  Seek out counseling to better understand their meaning and learn how to cope and heal.  Addiction comes in many forms. It may be substance or activities.  The cycle can be broken.  Consult a trained professional to help you start your journey to recovery.


1.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273- 8255
2.  National Institute of Mental Health:
3.  Wounded Warrior Project:
4.  SAMHSA -Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:
5.  AMHCA - American Mental Health Counseling Association:

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